Jeff & Peggy

Each time I take photographs for the first time of a wedding couple, I get to see their personalities as individuals and together as a couple. Every couple is unique and learning about them is what makes my job so much fun. Jeff and Peggy are great sports. They met me in a place they normally wouldn’t choose to go on their own because I was photographing there already. I think even they had fun. Our next session will be downtown Grand Rapids and I think (since they chose it) it will be way more fantastic. What more could a photographer ask for!?! Check out their engagement session video: Jeff and Peggy.

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Hillary and George Engagement Photos

Saturday morning at 6:30 we met in Grand Haven to get engagement photos where they got engaged. It was so beautiful. The crisp blue sky, the sun low in the sky and casting a gorgeous red glow on everything. It was fun. It was romantic. Got some absolutely fasntastic images. Only a few more weeks and it is time for the wedding! Watch the fun! Hillary and George.

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Want to take great photographs?

I know we all talk about the importance of good education. PhotoVision is one way that I get over 20 hours of education for only $49 and I think it’s the best value out there. You can choose to get DVDs or watch it streaming HD online. PhotoVision has a special going on right now for new subscribers. Use this link: and the code PVFAN to save $150 off the regular price.
PhotoVision’s HD video education is a great option when you can’t travel far for a seminar or a conference. The DVDs come every other month and I can watch them when I have time. It’s become a valuable tool for me when I want to reference a particular technique. If you’re looking for good quality education that’s inexpensive, PhotoVision has a special going on right now for new subscribers. Use this link: and the code PVFAN to save $150 off the regular price.

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How-to make the Infinity Convertible or Wrap/Twist Dress – Project Wedding

I read this week that the average wedding in 2011 cost over $20,000! Of course that is averaging all locations. The most expensive are in New York City ($70,000) and the least expensive in Utah ($13,500).

Being a photographic artist, I hate to see people sacrifice on their wedding photography budget, because while everything else will disappear, your photos will last your entire life and remind you of ALL of the details of the rest.

So when I find a great way to save on wedding costs, I love to share it with brides and their friends and family. When I saw this dress today, I found it amazing. I found a price online of $128, but I’m sure you could buy the fabric and make it yourself or even pay a seamstress and still get it for under $50 or $60.

This dress “How to” is located on, one of the photography vendor listings I’m in.  Make sure to take advantage of all the information you can find to save money!

How-to make the Infinity Convertible or Wrap/Twist Dress – Project Wedding.

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Wedding Day Hopes and Dreams

Last week I wrote an Artist Statement for a Vintage Wedding Collection from a recent wedding. As I began compiling the collection the lyrics of The Way We Were came to mind because they describe what I created. What are photographs? They are memories caught in images to remind us of the feelings we had, our experiences and the way we were at those moments. This portfolio collection does more than show the people involved in the wedding. It shows feelings common in our culture, feelings that most people have experienced and understand. I used digital darkroom processes to emphasize, illustrate, and in some ways stereotype, so that viewers can identify not only the feelings of these people, but conservative Americans in general.

My personal voice, speaking through my images, speaks about relationships. These photographs, even those with only one person, depict relationships through anticipation of the wedding events. I chose vintage and early American style genres to portray an historical factor which also creates depth of time in the images. The images almost say, “One day you will look back at me to bring these feelings and memories back afresh. Time may grow between your visits, but the message to you will remain.”

The overall result of this project is a collection that really tells the highlights of a family story, a family being created, and how faith intertwines these people and experiences together. The vintage appearance helps to removed these feelings and experiences from just a single family’s story to tell an American story that is being written over and over today. This is a story Reflections by Rohne loves to put into images. Thank you, Lee and Meggy, for letting me tell your story.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Making Friends as I Photograph

Wednesday I had the privilege to photograph three different ladies. It was so enjoyable capturing their beauty and making them feel good about themselves. God has given each of us inner beauty. I count it my privilege to not only capture physical features but also inner beauty as I see who each individual is, as God loves them. Thank you for the privilege,  Shannon, Melissa and Colleen!

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Reflections by Rohne New Video Ad

Follow the link to my website to see my new WeddingWire advertisement…

Please share this with anyone you know who is getting married or has a friend or family member getting married.

I almost always have a special deal running on Have them check it out for not only outstanding photography, but at an unbelievable cost.

Thanks for helping me grow my business!

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